Jawaharlal Jain Chordia
( Founder)
  Mahaveer Jain (Director)   Dinesh Jain (Director)  


ABOUT OURSELVES OUR MISSION: A commitment to serve society by providing quality products and irreplaceablke service in the buildingt construction industry.

Optimum maintenance leadership being at the pinnacle as the largeset & deverse company for its ethnic propositions in india through the excellence in customer care, technological advancement and progressions with the favourable involvement of the people.

A determination and dedication to long term growth and providing fruitful returns to all business associates and dealers.

OUR MISSION: We are committed to serve by providing quality products and services in the building matrial industry.

We will maintain leadership by being the largest and diversified in global market through excellent customer service, total quality, continously techonological advancements and involvement of the people.

We are dedicated to long term growth and providing superior returns to all our business associates and dealers. In all our endeavors, we will practice thew highest standards of intergrity and care for people.

OUR VISION: An endeavor to be most innovative organisation in the building matrial industry and recognised for leadership, intergrity coherence with principles, peak level proffessionalism and approach for quality standards, technical superirority and outstanding customer care.

DMD QUALITY POLICY: We at dmd are committed to supply products to customer satisfaction in respect of quality, delivery and dependability at the most competitive price by building up of quality consciousness among all our employees towards achiveing zero defects culture

Building and developing quality conscious reliable team vendors.

Constantly upgrading and introducing new products to the market towards achiveing market competitiveness.

Training all our employees for continuous improvement in achiveing overall increase our performance in developing our client base.